Collaborate, meet and access all your Board's knowledge in a single, secure ecosystem


Simple, intuitive and powerful interface makes building and updating meeting packs easier than ever before

Tailor meeting packs to each attendee’s access rights

Assign presenters to agenda items and allow attendees to follow along whilst looking at their own annotations


Enable directors, advisers and stakeholders to securely communicate and make decisions, with clear control and visibility of who can access what

Intuitively replicate your Board and committee structures online, so real and virtual world governance frameworks match

Build, retain and search your Board’s knowledge, enhancing business continuity and mitigating key-person risk


Stay informed on your priorities and performance without leaving Knowa by integrating your dashboards, spreadsheets, calendars and databases

Automate routine actions and communication, so you can focus on the most important tasks

Document storage

All your papers and reports, secure and always accessible

Easily find documents thanks to a filing structure which automatically mirrors your governance framework

Enable intelligent restrictions for policies and special cases

"Working remotely and managing stakeholders across several pension schemes and numerous sub-committees can be complex. Knowa has helped us collaborate efficiently and securely, communicating around documents, meetings and all pensions issues."

Vanessa Corsie, Pensions Operations Manager at EDF Energy

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