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Collaboration, meeting packs and access to all of your Board's knowledge in a single, secure AI-powered ecosystem

✨ Knowa Q

Knowa Q revitalises your inactive data, transforming stagnant content from files and discussions into dynamic and actionable knowledge.

Knowa Q serves as a portal to deeper knowledge exploration, empowering you to delve into topics with additional inquiries, craft more precise insights, and thereby significantly expand your understanding.

Knowa Q represents a pivotal advancement in our mission to empower and inspire 10 million new Board members globally, dismantling the typical barriers that impede diverse and inclusive Board membership.

📑 Meet

Simple, intuitive and powerful interface makes building and updating your board meeting packs easier than ever before

Tailor meeting packs to each attendee’s access rights

Interactive agendas, powerful annotation tools, and cross device compatibility make this the most user friendly meeting pack platform on the market

💬 Collaborate

Enable directors, advisers and stakeholders to securely communicate and make decisions, with clear control and visibility of who can access what

Intuitively replicate your Board and committee structures online, so real and virtual world governance frameworks match

Build, retain and search your Board’s knowledge, enhancing business continuity and mitigating key-person risk

🏛️ Connect & Automate

Bring everything together and stay informed of your priorities and performance without leaving Knowa by connecting your dashboards, risk registers, databases and more

Automate routine actions and communication, so you can focus on the most important tasks

Easily find answers thanks to AI powered search’s use of natural language processing. Search in seconds through all your knowledge and documents.

🗂️ Board Knowledge

All your papers and reports, secure and always accessible

Easily find documents thanks to a filing structure which automatically mirrors your governance framework

Quickly find clauses, dates, figures and answers with our AI powered search

Enable intelligent restrictions for policies and special cases

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