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Modern Governance, was easy

Knowa works for you, by removing distractions, collecting knowledge and ensuring business continuity. Empower your whole team to deliver secure and modern governance with ease.
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Capture knowledge & institutional memory 
Rescue hundreds of productive hours
Win-win with unique meet-in-the-middle collaboration
10x improvement in your team or board’s efficiency

The first of its kind,
perfect for Boards, Advisers & Deal teams

Boards & Executives

Board Governance

Provide the Board with a secure, structured and easy to use 'home'.

Knowa for boards


Client Management

Manage and help your clients by bringing them all onto one platform.

Knowa for advisers

Deal teams

M&A & Transactions

Control your deals and negotiations with private and connected spaces.

Knowa for deals

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Setting up your board or organisation on Knowa is easy and quick and our team will support you through the transition process, preparing and testing the system for you.

"We use Knowa across all the schemes we are acting as sole professional Trustees. Knowa is the future for Boards of Trustees when it comes to collaboration and managing the information flow. Everything is made so easy that we can focus on our core Trustee job."

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Leading Professional Trustee firm