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Giving you ownership of your data

We know that committing to the use of a new platform is hard, especially when you are uploading so much important data. We promise that you will always have access to your data regardless of whether you decide to continue using the Knowa platform.

Knowa can provide an exported archive of all data, on demand for owners and administrators of organisations. Depending on the size of the export we can deliver this to you online or via an encrypted physical drive.

Organisation Archive

The export includes:

  • All files and documents in a directory structure mirroring that of Knowa
  • Comma-separated values (.csv) export of non-file data (which can easily be imported to any database, Excel or similar)
    • Workspaces
    • Groups
    • Discussions
    • Messages (discussion content)
    • Documents list
    • Users list

Not included in the export:

  • Direct chats – see below.

Direct Chats & Discussions

Every user can download on demand, an archive of any Direct Chat or Discussion that they are a member of, simply by clicking Export/Print button in the Chat or Discussion settings.