Knowa brings collaboration and
communication to meeting packs

From assembling papers with advisers, to distributing the meeting pack and following up with actions, Board meetings encompass more than sitting round a table. Knowa adds collaboration and communication to a Board’s meeting packs and electronic papers, empowering all who are taking part and enhancing the meeting’s long term impact.

Simplify the pack assembly

Get advisers and others to feed their papers into Knowa and greatly simplify the process of assembling the board pack.

Groups & Discussions for each agenda item

Create Groups and Discussions for each agenda item and add relevant people to each, ensuring the right people are in the know and facilitating a conversation.

Consolidate Votes, Actions & Minutes

Distribute electronic board papers, conduct votes and add action points and minutes to each discussion, consolidating the information into a single place for easy discovery and reference.

Modern governance

Empower your meetings