Knowa delivers 10x efficiency to advisers,
saving 100s of hours every week across teams

Managing multiple clients across different teams, platforms and inboxes is inefficient and frustrating. Knowa provides the structure your firm requires to operate higher than the competition.

Organisations & Spaces

Manage all your Clients in One Place

  • All your clients managed in one place,
  • Internal Spaces for cross-enterprise collaboration,
  • Join client organisations,
  • A structured home for every activity.
People & Contacts

Bring all your Teams Together

  • Bring all your teams together for each client,
  • Give controlled guest access to third parties,
  • Maintain understanding of all key stakeholders,
  • Provide transparency and visibility for the whole company.
Groups & Projects

Map your Projects & Workstreams

  • Complete overview of your team’s projects,
  • Clear control and visibility of who can access what,
  • Ensure the right people are always in the know,
  • No more searching for distribution lists.
Discussions and Chats

Communicate Efficiently & Securely

  • Remove dependency on inefficient emails,
  • Create unique discussion topics and ongoing threads,
  • Forward emails to capture everything,
  • Private Chats with one or more people.
Structured & Searchable

Retain & Search your Knowledge

  • Mitigate ‘institutional memory loss’ by capturing everything,
  • Enhance internal knowledge sharing,
  • Easily add or remove team members and third parties,
  • Instant access and simplified onboarding of new people.
Data & Security

Secure and Compliant across your Board

At Knowa we take the security and privacy of our users’ data very seriously, and for good reasons. Every person and team using our service expects their data to be secure and confidential and as such we have gone to extensive measures to protect it.

Server Security

Bank grade security & encryption

People and Access

Complete user control

Logging and Monitoring

Real time & immutable logs

2-factor authentication

Additional protection for all users
Documents & Working files

Your Company’s documents, sorted

  • One place for all working and final files,
  • Automatically sorted for your team structure,
  • Secure and always accessible,
  • Intelligent restrictions for privacy and special cases.
Modern governance

Empower your team